Generation Z
Influencer Marketing und die Generation Z 10


"Generation Z" is currently the largest generation of consumers. 93% of parents now say their children from this generation influence their purchases. For marketers, now is the time to know them. People born between 1995 and 2010 are part of this generation. They are well on their way to becoming the most educated and diverse generation ever.

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This section of society is multi-device and multi-tasking. Gen Z people are progressive and want to move with the advances. These people live in many realities (digital, real, local, global), accept the differences and focus more on the truth. They share their values and are honest with the world.

Why appeal to Generation Z?

This generation is the future. Unlike Millennials and Generation X, "Generation Z" likes to shop in shops. They don't want a run-of-the-mill experience with something. They always want something new, something different. These people have a strong buying power. They are also changing the way we shop. They always have the internet at their fingertips. They look for offers first and not for brands. A customer from this section of the population is always looking for discounts.

Value is the name of the game. They want discounts, but they will also pay more if the product is good. Generation Z people are automatically drawn to any place that speaks to its value.

Influencer marketing and Generation Z

Influencer Marketing and Generation Z
Influencer Marketing und die Generation Z 11

It is a match made in heaven. This generation loves and follows influencers. Most of them follow their recommendations. They prefer brands that use influencers on social media to promote their products instead of fancy celebrities. They follow their advice and even wish to become one.

How is this generation changing the rules of the game?

Here are the top five social media platforms to best reach these people.


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In today's world, TikTok is where all trends begin. Generation Z prefers to see ads with people who have the same vibe as them, and that's exactly what this platform does.  


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Video games are not what they used to be. Generation Z loves Twitch because it allows them to play and surf. International competitions, brand sponsorship, major charity partnerships and so much more take place on this platform.


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Spotify is the radio for these people. This platform is the best tool for finding podcasts, an increasingly popular pastime, and a good option for the most needed kind of marketing.


Influencer Marketing und die Generation Z 15

Instagram is not a new platform, but the way these people use it has changed the game, as they are the most photographed generation of all time. These people share their values and honesty with others on the platform.


Influencer Marketing und die Generation Z 16

These young people turn to YouTube when they are looking for entertainment or education. The people behind the screen offer both. Unlike Instagram, where there are many small, influential people present, there are subscribers here who focus on fewer. This may be because the editing methods required to create videos these days are advanced in many ways. Many YouTubers invest a lot in their equipment to create better quality videos that attract more viewers and attract more attention.


"Galaxy Marketing" can offer its services by providing organic followers to these people. They help increase reach and engagement for posts and reach more people.


The way they connect with others behind the screen defines "Generation Z". YouTubers review memes, people on Instagram share podcasts, gaming content appears on TikTok, etc. We know that these people are different in every way. These people influence other people's buying decisions on their favourite platforms. It is important to understand that the age of these people on social media is not indicative of the age of the audience. In the digital world, they crave honesty. Comments are more important than likes. The depth of reviews is more important than the quality of the product photo. Marketing methods to these people need to be more engaging. Marketers should find the right way to target this generation through marketing today to engage the customers of tomorrow, because they will be the influencers of today.