Many users around the world use Clubhouse to interact with each other. Many creators use this app to earn money, and Clubhouse also depends on these influencers and creators to bring traffic to their platform.

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How Does The Platform Work?

Clubhouse is a social media platform with unique features compared to its competitors. It is unique in many ways, as users are not able to sign in as soon as they download an app, and users will have to wait for an invitation code to join the platform. 

how much does Clubhouse Pay?
How Much Does Clubhouse Pay? A Viable Income Source 6

The other feature is that it is an audio-only platform. The only way you can interact is through audio. Conversations and interactions occur in rooms, and there can be many users in a single room. That's why there are moderators who allow users to speak one at a time. 

Here are 6 ways you can attract more users to interact with your Clubhouse account. 

All the audio interaction that you do on Clubhouse is private. The app will notify the hosts that their room is being recorded. 

Do You Get Revenue From Clubhouse?

According to Clubhouse, since the launch of the app, they have been creating a platform for creators and influencers to help them form an online hub. They have also launched a payment feature for creators to earn revenue. 

These payments work as donations. Users can send money to their favorite creators to support them, and you can also send money if you appreciate their content. 

Clubhouse Payouts
How Much Does Clubhouse Pay? A Viable Income Source 7

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Here's how Clubhouse users can send money:

Step 1: Tap on the profile of your favorite creator. 

To receive money, creators must set up a payment method.

Step 2: Select Send money.

Step 3: You can enter any amount. 

If you are sending money for the first time using Clubhouse, you will have to fill in your card details.

Step 4: Click send.

Stripe is a third-party company that has collaborated with Clubhouse. They will process the payment and get commissions every time someone makes a payment. The payment system encourages creators and small business owners to focus on earning profits through their business. 

Ways To Make Money On Clubhouse

There are other ways you can earn money at Clubhouse. Influencers and creators have been using these methods to earn revenue. Not only does this profit them, but this move also profits Clubhouse as the creators are bringing internet and user traffic to their app. 

earnings on Clubhouse
How Much Does Clubhouse Pay? A Viable Income Source 8

Many creators use a Twitter business account to interact and promote their Clubhouse to others. If you are interested in creating a Twitter business account, click here.

Fees To Enter A Room

Influencers popular on Clubhouse will often create a closed room that will only be exclusively available. To simplify it, they monetize these rooms.

Users will have to pay money to enter a closed room, and it is like a registration fee. For instance- artists and musicians can sell tickets to a show held in a Clubhouse room.

Influencers can get extra exposure by inviting a known and influential speaker into their room. Many celebrities have made guest appearances in different rooms.


If you are on social media, you will see sponsored posts everywhere. They will be in the form of posts, advertisements, and more. On Instagram, influencers will post sponsorships to promote a specific brand's product. 

Similarly, Clubhouse influencers and creators who get sponsored by a brand or company are paid to promote their product to their listeners. These are more effective than giving shoutouts on Instagram stories. 

Many companies pay a lump sum of money to creators to make a room specifically to promote them. The title, descriptions, and everything will be dedicated to them. 

Followers are vital to increasing your reach and visibility on Clubhouse. Click here to buy followers.

Answering Questions of The Listeners

This might sound stupid, but it is a great way to monetize your Clubhouse account. If you have gained fame on Clubhouse, you can do AMAs. You can create a room, and people can ask you questions. However, to answer their questions, they must give a certain fee. 

You can link your CashApp or PayPal as there is no other way to receive 100% of the money in the app. 

Build a Network and Collaborate

Hundreds of professionals use the platform, including celebrities, tech giants, CEOs, and more. You can approach and interact with them through their rooms. 

Many users will provide their different social media accounts, and sometimes they will invite users to reach out to them for advice or collaborations. If you get the opportunity to collaborate, you can take advantage of it and monetize it. 

Here are the best sites to promote your Clubhouse account. 

Wrapping Up

Clubhouse is not like any other social media platform, it is unique, and there are no ads. However, businesses and brands have found a loophole to advertise their products, which has helped creators earn income. 

There are many ways mentioned above you can use that to generate revenue for Clubhouse. We hope that our article is helpful to you and hope you have a great time on the app.