Clubhouse is an audio-only social media platform, so no, there is no way you can use your video to interact with others. The entire application is audio-only. If you want to interact with your friends or users around the world, you will have to talk. 

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Does Clubhouse Have Video for users
Does Clubhouse Have Video Features? Increase Your Interactions Today 6

You also get the option to switch between rooms, and you can go to different rooms to talk about different topics. However, you will not be able to speak, and you will have to request. If your request gets accepted, you will be able to speak. 

Clubhouse users can never use their camera or use text to interact. Using only your audio has its advantage, like you can be in your comfort without showing your face. 

The concept of this app is simple. Join rooms to have a conversation with others. There are no photos, no posts, no status, no video, only audio.

Why Should You Use Clubhouse?

Many social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter already cater to your needs. So is there any reason you should join this app? The answer is yes. This platform is unique, and unlike other apps, it only uses audio. 

make use of Clubhouse Video
Does Clubhouse Have Video Features? Increase Your Interactions Today 7

Users who are camera shy can hide away from their screen and just use their audio to interact. Also, Clubhouse offers many categories and topics. You can find people interested in the same topic as you, and you will be able to make friends from all around the world. 

Here’s how you can attract more followers on Clubhouse.

You can join conferences where professional speakers are there, and you can also join a room with your favorite celebrity or creator. You can discuss your favorite music, show, sports, and more. 

Many celebrities have joined this app, so you get the opportunity to listen to them, and if you are lucky, you get to interact with them.

This app is fun as you can join any forum or room. You can sit back and listen to different opinions and insights. It is just like listening to a podcast, but better as you will be able to join in the conversation. 

Its nature of audio removes the social media pressure of uploading pictures and posts. You will be able to tell your opinion through your mouth, and there will be no problem with typos and errors. 

You Can Use It To Promote Your Business.

There are many interesting rooms in Clubhouse. If you run a business, you can make a business account and get potential clients and build a community for your business.

You can sound more credible to users, and people will be able to attend your meetings online rather than offline. This helps to grow your networking.

Businesses and brands can also collaborate with certain influencers to promote their product. Overall, it is a haven for businesses. 

Here are 4 things About Clubhouse

Clubhouse is trendy, and it is making a buzz worldwide. Here are 4 things you should know about the app. 

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Videos on Clubhouse
Does Clubhouse Have Video Features? Increase Your Interactions Today 8

More Interesting than a Webinar

Webinars follow the concept of one speaker and many listeners. However, on Clubhouse, there can be many one-on-one interactions. Users can become a speaker by requesting to speak. 

As it is an audio-only app, you will not have to worry about making extra presentations and photos for your audience, and you just have to use your voice.

Better than a Social Media Post

Social media posts on Instagram and Twitter are all about likes, and Clubhouses can make people interact more. Real-time conversations can take place instead of half-hearted conversations on an Instagram post.

Better than a Podcast

Everybody listens to podcasts these days. However, podcasts are heavily commercialized, and heavy ads are there. Clubhouses are a bit casual, but they work better than podcasts. You can tune in to a room of interest and listen to people talk about their insights.

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The best part is that you can join in the conversation if you have any doubts or do not agree with the person. You are not able to do this in a podcast.


Clubhouse is more accessible compared to any other app. Users who are visually impaired can tune in and listen to conversations. People can easily attend meetings and discussions. You do not require any password. 

You can use this social media platform while doing other tasks as well. It also takes less data, so there is less buffering. 

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Wrapping Up

Clubhouse doesn’t require you to switch on your video to interact with others, and it is an audio-only app. Compared to others, it is easier as you just have to join a room to interact, unlike other complex social media apps.

We hope that our article helped you better understand the social media platform. Have a great time using Clubhouse.