In every social media platform, an online community or hub is created. Every day new people join a community, and there are rules that everyone has to follow. It gets hard to manage as the community keeps getting bigger and bigger. That’s where moderators come in handy.

how much Clubhouse Moderators earn
How Much Do Clubhouse Moderators Get Paid? Getting Paid As A Moderator 4

If a room in Clubhouse gets hundreds and thousands of users per live session, there will be moderators trying to moderate the room. They will see if anyone is breaking the rules and try their best so that everything goes efficiently. 

A moderator ensures smooth functioning and that there are no obstacles there for participants so that they can discuss and interact with ease. 

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How To Make A Room On Clubhouse?

A moderator’s job is not only to moderate the room but also to set it up. If you are working for a brand or an influencer, you will need to make room for them so that they can interact with their followers.

Clubhouse offers various options for you to start a room. There are three types of rooms:

Open Room

Open room is a public room in Clubhouse. Anyone can find and join this sort of room. Here’s how you can create an open room.

Step 1: Launch Clubhouse.

Step 2: Tap Start a room; it is located at the bottom of your screen

Step 3: Tap Open.

Step 4: Add any topic or category of your choice.

Step 5: Select Let’s go.

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Social Room

Social rooms are rooms for people you want to have a trusted interaction with. You will also have a moderator here. 

Closed Room

A closed room is a room for only particular people. You can select a few people from your chat list to join your room. 

When you make a closed room, you will also have the option to make it open for the public. Before starting an open room, you can close your room and talk with your colleagues and moderators about what they need to do. It is a good way to be prepared. 

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Clubhouse Moderator

A clubhouse moderator is a user who will moderate the room. Usually, a moderator has a green star badge in front of their name. Moderators are responsible for creating the room, and they have to look after the people so that they do not break the rules.

A moderator also has the job of letting people in the room, making them the speaker, removing users if they break the rules, and more. Also, the moderator shares the same power as the owner.

Do Moderators Get Paid?

Specific moderators get paid. If you are a moderator for a brand or influencer, it is highly likely to be a paid job. These brands and influencers have to ensure that they have an excellent moderator to ensure a seamless session. 

 Clubhouse Moderators earnings
How Much Do Clubhouse Moderators Get Paid? Getting Paid As A Moderator 5

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These moderators are different from the regular moderators, and they are more skilled and professional. Often these moderators will promote the brand’s product and tell people about their services. 

How Can You Get Paid As A Moderator?

To become a paid moderator, you need to learn a few skills and pointers. When you are good at it and know everything about Clubhouse, you can start applying to be a moderator for brands and influencers.

Paying Clubhouse Moderators
How Much Do Clubhouse Moderators Get Paid? Getting Paid As A Moderator 6

Here are some tips that you can use to become a good moderator

Invite People To Speak and Join

As a moderator, it is essential to maintain constant interaction and engagement in your room. Make sure that you accept people who want to join the room and allow people to speak if required.

Make People Follow Rules

There are specific rules for every room. As a moderator, if there are no rules, consider setting up rules. If you find people breaking them, you can remove them or take away their speaker privileges. 

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You Need To Have Clubhouse Etiquette

On Clubhouse, there are some unspoken rules which everyone has to follow. Get familiar with it. Be respectful to the listener and speaker. 

Having good etiquette will increase the chances of you getting hired as a paid moderator.

Make The Conversation Interactive

If the creator and influencer have gone somewhere for a while or cannot make the room interactive, you can pitch in ideas. It is essential to ask questions to the audience, talk with them casually, and be friendly.

Keep The Room in Order

Try to create an environment where people feel safe and are comfortable engaging with everyone. As mentioned earlier, set some rules; remove them if they do not follow them. 

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It is essential to allow only a few speakers at one time. You do not want 10 users to speak simultaneously, which will create confusion and noise.

Final Thoughts

Moderators are necessary for a room where there are hundreds of users, and they help maintain the decorum. If you are a moderator, we have mentioned a few tips which you can learn to become better. There are also various paid moderator jobs on Clubhouse that you can apply to. 

We hope that we have covered everything; be respectable, and understand everyone’s perspective as a moderator. This will help you to moderate a room in the best way possible.