Let’s get to the basics; on every social media platform, people are bound to check out your profile if you have an account. But is there any way to see who visited your profile? Well, the answer is no. You can not see who viewed your profile. So, you can rest assured if you check out someone’s account, they will not know that you viewed their profile.

 Who Viewed Your Profile on Clubhouse
Find Out Who's Stalking You On Clubhouse: Who Viewed Your Profile 5

However, if you do not want to let random users check out your profile, you can make your account a protected profile. We will talk about it in detail later.

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But you can see who is online in this app, and it is quite useful if you want to avoid certain people. Instead of making a public room, you can make a private room so that they are not able to join your room. Yes! Some people would love to do this because, for security reasons, there are a lot of stalkers and unwanted people in this app. 

How Can You See Who Is Online?

The social media platform lets you see who is active or online. It means that the online person uses the app or is currently engaging in a room. 

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You can see who is online with the help of a green dot. You can see a green dot on their profile picture. However, you will not be able to see the green dot on users who are not your mutuals. To see who is online, you need to follow the person, and they need to follow you back.

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This is How You Can Check The Active Status

On your home feed, you will see the active rooms that you can join to start interacting and engaging with others. Unlike other social media sites, there is no option for statuses and posts.

If you want to see who is online on your follower’s list, simply tap on the dot icon located at the bottom right. 

There is also an alternative for this, and you can also swipe right from the home page to bring up a list of the online people.

How To Interact With Online Users?

Clubhouse is a unique social media platform that doesn’t have an option for users to chat with others, and we do not think this feature will be coming to the app soon. Even Instagram didn’t have the chat feature when it was launched, but later they introduced it.

who's checking Your Profile on Clubhouse
Find Out Who's Stalking You On Clubhouse: Who Viewed Your Profile 6

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The reason behind no chat is that Clubhouse is an audio-only platform. If you want to interact with people, you’ll have to be in a room and use it to interact with them. 

Also, you can only chat with users who are on your chat list. 

If you want to interact with someone, you can just go to the list of online people and tap on +Room. It is located in front of their name.

When you are making a room, you’ll have the option to start a private room or an open room where others will also be able to join. After you send out the invitation, the invitee will get the notification, and they can join your room by accepting it. 

What Does The Timespan Signify?

You’ll notice a timespan under a person’s name on the chat list, and the hour and minutes show the last time the person was active on Clubhouse.

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For instance, if you see 3h below someone’s name, it has been 3 hours since they used Clubhouse.

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How To Make Your Account a Protected Profile?

A protected profile allows you to only let your followers view your profile. If you want to avoid unnecessary contact with strangers, you can use this feature.

 Who Viewed Your Clubhouse profile
Find Out Who's Stalking You On Clubhouse: Who Viewed Your Profile 7

But if you use this feature, your profile’s visibility will be low. Here’s how you can protect your profile.

Step 1: Tap on Account Settings.

Step 2: Select your display picture.

Step 3: Scroll down until you see the Protected Profile option.

Step 4: Toggle it on.

Step 5: Tap Confirm.

Your profile will now be protected.

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This feature is very important as some random users and trolls will want to mess with you, and you can limit them by using it. Also, the main reason for introducing this feature was to protect users. It was launched in response to Russia’s invasion. 

Wrapping Up

Everyone can see your account, but you are not able to see who viewed your profile. You can also limit users by using the protected profile feature.

We hope we have covered everything regarding the online status of Clubhouse. Have a fun and great experience.