Clubhouse app has gained immense popularity over the pandemic and is continually becoming more and more popular among varying users across the globe. However, this is where the craze takes its turn. It doesn’t matter if you want to open an account on Clubhouse, join different rooms or start your own; there are a few different tips and tricks in Clubhouse that not many people are aware of.

Clubhouse app

Since the platform is quite subjective and holds a lot of new concepts and woes to it, it isn’t surprising that there are a few factors that you need to make your user experience of the platform fun and productive.

Following are some of the tips and tricks on Clubhouse that can elevate your overall user experience.

Join without an invite

With Clubhouse, one of the biggest issues that people face is creating a profile or being part of the platform without an invite. It was initially an invite-only platform but things have changed now and people have found a few ways to bypass the whole experience too. If your friends are already on Clubhouse, they can let you join the platform without an invite. Also, even if you don’t have an invite, simply sign up on Clubhouse and secure a username you like.

Add Bio and other social media profiles

Another common trick on Clubhouse that many people don’t know is that you can add a significant bio to your profile. A clubhouse profile doesn’t have to be a blank canvas, especially if you want to spruce up your account and join popular rooms to exchange conversations and ideas of interest. Besides the bio, you can also add links to other social media profiles on the app. This can help other users find you on other social media platforms with ease.

Refine the interests

Clubhouse, although quite subjective with its user experience, come with a lot of different niches of interest. From cryptocurrency rooms to a discussion about NFTs, you will find a lot of different types of people on the platform. Like other social media platforms, you have the option to refine your interests on Clubhouse too. Using this, you can make the most out of the rooms or accounts that pop up on your feed. You can change the Interests and further refine them to your requirements from the Settings.

Join a good club

Joining a club is what the Clubhouse app is for. If you look up the Search section, you will come across a range of amazing clubs that people are engaging with. This is where you can get ideas about the clubs and the rooms that are doing well and implement them into the room that you start. The process isn’t an easy one to bring more people to your room. You need to nurture your credibility on the platform before you have people hooked on what you are saying.

Search for familiar faces

Even online, we are always on the lookout for people that we know or have at least talked to before. When you are at Clubhouse, it is very easy to lose that familiarity, especially because the discussion rooms or the clubs are massive. Some might even have over 50 or so people in one room, sharing their views and ideologies. If that is the case and you are looking for a familiar face, you will find a search bar in the Clubhouse room you are in. You can enter the username of the person you are looking for and connect with them individually.

Stick to private chat

Yes, even on Clubhouse, you have the option to engage in a private chat with a friend or another Clubhouse member. However, since Clubhouse is an audio-only platform, it goes without saying that you can stick to audio-based chatting via this platform. You can share voice messages and discuss things with people on the platform. For this, you need to swipe left on the app and you will find a list of all the active Clubhouse users that are currently active. Once you find someone you know or want to connect with, send them an audio message to start the conversation.

Hide a room or club

So, you became part of a room or club that you initially thought was interesting. However, as time passes, you find it to be either boring or inappropriate. Whatever the situation is, there are ways in which you can easily hide a room or a club from your Clubhouse home screen. Sounds fun and familiar, doesn’t it? To hide a room, swipe right on the room from your mobile. If you want to retrieve it again, there is an option to undo the hidden process.

Manage the notifications

If you are popular on the Clubhouse app or if you are part of several different rooms, you will be bombarded with notifications, all day, every day. Instead of having the notifications switched on to every room in the platform, we’d recommend that you start small. Only turn on the notifications for the rooms that you are interested in and which are active. Doing this reduces the unnecessary blast of notifications and ensures that you can engage in the right rooms that are worth the time and effort.

Clubhouse app

Block someone on Clubhouse

Like any other social media platform, even on Clubhouse, you will come across a handful of people that will post disturbing content. The best way to wipe them out of your user experience is by blocking them. You will find the block option when you visit the person’s profile and click on the three dots in the corner. If their content is hampering the community guidelines, you can report them too.

How many of these clubhouse app tricks did you know of? If you are starting your clubhouse journey today, we hope these tips and tricks give you all the insights that you are likely looking for. Just ensure that you play it safe, and join rooms that provide value and are fun.