Bildschirm­foto 2023 02 09 um 12.29.31 You to Gift Service Review: Selecting Instagram Giveaway Winner Based on Likes, Subscriptions, or Comments
You to Gift Service Review: Selecting Instagram Giveaway Winner Based on Likes, Subscriptions, or Comments 5
Bildschirm­foto 2023 02 09 um 12.29.15 You to Gift Service Review: Selecting Instagram Giveaway Winner Based on Likes, Subscriptions, or Comments
You to Gift Service Review: Selecting Instagram Giveaway Winner Based on Likes, Subscriptions, or Comments 6

For businesses and individuals alike, the appeal of hosting an Instagram giveaway is clear: Increase exposure for your profile or product while providing a chance to win something special. But creating fair giveaways that are easy to manage can be tricky - unless you use You to Gift!

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This service makes giving away prizes simple and transparent by allowing participants to enter giveaways with likes or comments on posts – then winners will be chosen randomly in seconds. Read our article today to learn how this automated process works-contest organizers everywhere should take notice!

The You to Gift service offers a plethora of features, and here are the top 8:


Protecting your information is our top priority - you can pick a winner without registering on the website or providing any of your account credentials. All it takes for participation? Just enter with a link to the giveaway post!


You to Gift offers unbeatable versatility and flexibility. Our innovative Instagram tool allows you to pick a winner from likes, comments (unique or all), and profile subscriptions.

Plus, you can easily download your like, comments, and follower data in Excel/CSV format directly from any public IG account. Take your data to a new level - uncover who is engaging with your posts and leverage this valuable insight for improved targeting.


You to Gift is committed to collecting 100% of the data, leaving out no details and allowing full access.

When completed, a comprehensive Excel document will be provided with an organized list of participant names linked to your social media profiles. It gives everyone confidence in accurate results that have been measured fairly!


After extensive review and verification, the service has been a trusted market leader since 2019. It's seen tremendous success with over 1.75M giveaways launched to date - backed by an outstanding 2K+ user reviews from satisfied customers.


Get You to Gift now and experience the freedom of giveaways without spending a single dime - absolutely free! Download the app on the App Store or Play Market, easily pick giveaway winners on Instagram/YouTube, and get access to your subscribers' database in Excel or CSV format- all this at no cost. Plus, use the random number generator for extra convenience.

Screen Record

It's never been easier to record your screen for events like contests, giveaways, and more! With the You to Gift app, you can capture all of that special moment with a reminder notification beforehand.

After it's finished, quickly save your video straight into the gallery so you can easily share it on social platforms demonstrating fairness throughout the competition.

You to Gift Service: Review

  1. Pick a Winner
  1. Choose a giveaway winner easily and quickly by visiting the website - simply click the "Pick a Winner" button on either the Instagram or YouTube page! Fast, convenient selection to make your next contest rewarding.
  2. Don't forget to add the link to your giveaway post and click 'Find' for a chance to win!
  3. With our criteria options, you can pick the contest winner with confident assurance that all comments are included. In Section 1, select a database collection tailored to authors who contributed unique thoughts or based on the most popular by likes. Additionally, use Section 2's automated compliance check for further accuracy in choosing the champion.

Enter the total number of lucky winners you wish to select and hit the Pick a winner option.

  1. After gathering and interpreting the data, you'll be taken to a page allowing you to randomly pick your winner. Simply press the 'Pick a Winner' button, which initiates the production of random numbers for selecting a winner.

The randomizer will create a unique winner number paired with their username and corresponding profile photo, making the selection process effortless.

  1. The service guarantees that the winning contestant not only liked the giveaway post but has also followed you. Automatically! To read what the winners say, click the "View Participants' Comments" button.

If the winner does not adhere to the rules, you can simply select another by clicking the "Change Winner" button.

  1. After identifying all the lucky winners, finalize the giveaway winner selection process by pressing the "Complete the Giveaway" button.

Upon finishing the giveaway, you will receive a link to view its results and Excel/CSV files containing the participant database. Each winner's profile photo is also included so you can share it on your social media account.

  1. Export Data
  1. Export the followers, likes, and comments data from any Instagram profile in an Excel/CSV file with Export Data. Easily choose between subscribers, likes, and comments to export, add a link for a post or profile – then click 'Find' to generate your results.
  2. Carefully select which criteria to collect: all comments, likes, or unique comments. Then click Start and watch your data come pouring in.
  3. After collecting and analyzing the data, you can securely export it in either Excel or CSV format.
  4. Random Generators
  1. The service provides two complimentary online random generators: a numerical generator and a list generator - perfect for creating exciting new possibilities with the click of a button.
  2. Random number generator is the perfect tool to create a random number quickly and effortlessly, whether you're deciding on who should win your raffle or for other purposes. With this program, generating numbers within specified limits is efficient and simplified.
  3. Instantly determine a winner for your giveaways with the user-friendly random list generator. Simply input all relevant details such as names, phone numbers, and usernames into the field or simply download them in CSV format to easily select a lucky victor.

In Conclusion

Looking for a convenient way to host giveaways and pick the perfect winner? You to Gift is your answer! This innovative service offers customized features like choosing winners based on likes, comments, or subscriptions and free data exporting.

Plus - get started hosting today with no cost required! The straightforward App Store/Play Market applications offer effortless access - so why wait any longer? Unleash maximum potential from giveaway events with You to Gift now.