Instagram Influencer

Hacks to help you Become an Instagram Influencer

Becoming an Instagram Influencer a very popular trend over the few years. some strategies help you becoming a successful influencer on Instagram.

gain followers on instagram

Which Apps Can You Use to Gain Followers on Instagram?

Are you looking for increasing your followers,In this guide, we listed names of applications using which you can gain followers on Instagram?

viewed your IG story

How to Know If Someone Viewed your IG Story?

If you wish to know who viewed your IG story then here's a simple process. You can discover the audience of your post by following the steps mentioned here in the post.

How to Repost Instagram Stories

How to Repost Instagram Stories?

How to Repost Instagram Stories?Have you ever wondered if you can share a story you see on someone's account on your own story? Read the post to find out the same.

Repost instagram Videos

Different Ways to Repost Instagram Videos

oftentimes people like to repost Instagram Videos or pictures from someone else’s profile on Instagram. Instagram even allows its users to do so! If you are unable to figure out how to repost a video or picture on Instagram, this guide is for you.

How to Repost an Instagram Video

How to Repost an Instagram Video?

If you are wondering whether or not you can reshare a photo or a video that you see on Instagram then read the post.

how to use filters on Instagram

How to use filters on Instagram?

Instagram filters are a great way to make your post look more appealing to the audience. This feature was launched by Instagram long ago and is used by millions of users since then.

Unblock People on Instagram How to Unblock People On Instagram?

How to Unblock People On Instagram?

Oftentimes we are forced to block stalkers and similar other irritating people on Instagram. If you have blocked sometimes previously and intend to unlock him/ her now, we have you covered. This guide would help you unlock the person as and when required.

How to disable your Account

Want to Take a Break from Instagram? Here’s How to disable your Account in 2021

How to disable your Account of Instagram users can now disable their Instagram account if they want to take a break. Disabling an account is only possible from a mobile browser or computer. It is not possible to disable your Instagram account from the Instagram app.

How to Tag Someone on Instagram

How to Tag Someone on Instagram in 2021?

How to Tag Someone on Instagram permits its users to tag one another in the post they share. In case, you are unaware of the same, read the post.

What is an Influencer in Social Media?

Do you know what's the term influencer actually means? re you thinking of starting as an influencer? CHeck out this post now and get to know!

How to Save an Instagram Video

How to Save an Instagram Video in 2021?

How to Save an Instagram Video You can save all the videos you see on Instagram. In the post below we will tell you four different ways you could save Instagram videos.